GLJ Recycling Limited Demolition Service

GLJ Recycling is one of Newport’s leading demolition companies. Why? Because we use the most environmentally responsible techniques available in order to carry out demolition projects on commercial, industrial and domestic sites, whilst providing the quickest, most economical and safest methods of removing structures.

In everything we do, we aim to implement leading, innovative technologies and processes. We utilise industry advanced equipment in order to safeguard our reputation within the demolition and recycling services industry.

As a demolition company, we work within challenging environments, preserving as much recyclable material as possible. We work to strict controls, with modern state-of-the-art equipment and a highly skilled workforce to enable us to safely and effectively offer our services for a broad range of industries, facilities and locations.

Not only do we have our own fleet of haulage vehicles to remove demolition rubble from sites, we also use specialist demolition and waste removal machinery to ensure a high-level demolition service.

Our experienced and highly trained demolition professionals take enormous pride in providing a safe and seamless service.

Demolition Service

For enquiries on our demolition service, contact GLJ Recycling today on 01495 272 988.