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Cable Recycling

Cable Recycling with Maximum Reclamation & Minimal Impact

Our main concern at GLJ Recycling is that we effectively maximise reclamation whilst making a minimal impact on the environment.

The production of new new cables for the electrical and IT industry is a costly process due to the materials and energy required for the production, especially as they are composed of both metal and plastic, so both of these are required to make new cables.

We have state-of-the-art systems in place to enable us to recover all plastic and ferrous materials from different types of cables.

With the use of our modern Granulation Plant we are able to take cable processing, cable recycling and wire processing very seriously and we aim to recycle around 99% of the cable product, with around 1% going to landfill.

The granules conform to international specifications and are used by consumers throughout the world.

The cable is fed into a granulating machine by means of one of our mobile cranes which lifts a large bundle at a time onto a conveyer leading into the granulator, the cable then travels up the conveyer and into the machine where it is chopped up and then later into smaller granules separating the copper granules from the plastic outer. Cable recycling means that there is a reduction in the need for copper extraction from existing dwindling resources from around the world.

Plastic granules, arising as a secondary product are also reused in various applications within our yards and they are also widely distributed.

Cable Recycling Services

Talk to us at GLJ Recycling about our cable recycling services. Call us on: 01495 272 988

Cables we can process

  • House Hold Cable
  • ACSR Aluminium Cable
  • CNE Cable (Copper & Aluminium)
  • Lead & Copper Cable
  • PVC Bright Cable
  • Bus Looms
  • Tinned Cable
  • Bright Cable
  • SWA Bright Cable
  • SWA Tinned Cable
  • Low Grade Cable
  • High Grade Cable
  • Switch Bell Cable
  • Greasy Cable
  • Greasy SWA Cable
  • Dry Poly Cable
  • Greasy Poly Cable
  • Greasy Self Support Cable
  • PVC Singles
  • Lead Cable
  • Lead & Aluminium Cable